Sex Toys Unboxing: Lust Arts Lust Burster


Nerdy and horny? Ever wondered what Frankenstein’s stitches covered dong looked like? How about a majestic multi colored unicorn horn dildo? Lust Arts is an American based small team of artists that create quality body safe sex toys. They have an immense passion for detail and craftsmanship. Their handmade toys explore themes such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror and literature. Each toy is discreetly shipped, made to order, and very unique. They even send you a delicious bar of chocolate with your order, yum!

Lust Arts also makes a xenomorph dildo, the Lust Burster! I chose mine in medium density, size ‘moaner’ and I chose their ensanguined color option. In addition I included a note for extra gore! This toy is just shy of eight inches tall with six inches of usable length. It has contrasting smooth and ridged structures so you get the sensation of different textures. The dildo has a wide and flat base allowing you an extra firm grip. It’s stable and sturdy, so much so it can stand on its own. This alien will turn your darkest nightmares into a sexy sci-fi wet dream. Teenies, keychains, and stickers are also available (here).

Ever seen a Lust Burster? Stay tuned to see me unbox this alien chest burster sex toy from LustArts.Com ☆ Visit their store today!

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