BurningAngel: Fuck This Couch


The plot of this particular BurningAngel scene is something many of us have dreamed of, so I am sure a lot of people will find this very arousing.

So, Aaron comes home from a tour, and Joanna is waiting like a loving and caring wife, and to prove just how much she missed him, she starts rubbing herself all over him, with sexy lascivious moves, then moves over to a very exciting blowjob. And that is only the beginning of his homecoming party. They end up fucking all over the couch, making wonderful, very…moist, delicious memories.

BurningAngel writes:

Aaron finally made it home from tour and he still smelled like a mixture rock and roll and grimy band bus and I had to have him! I was ready and waiting on the new couch in my cutoff jean shorts showing off my butt cheeks just how he likes, excited to make some hot new sex memories with it. I really am such a good wife, even if my lapdances aren’t the best- my blowjobs are! He appreciated my demonstration of how much room there was to get fucked all over the couch. We made a mess of spit and sex juices and cum- the couch is definitely here to stay now!

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