BareMaidens: Bewitching Arts


Referring to a mystical practitioner as “charming” is almost redundant. The word itself comes from the latin “carmen”, which means poetry or song, but also spell and incantation.

In this wonderfully furnished set, Gia Steel portrays one of such agents of mystical incantation, a witch or alchemist who sells charms, both literal and figurative, in a wooden hut. Her dress quickly come off as she weaves her own charm to mesmerize the viewer.

BareMaidens is always a great source for great sets and beautiful models Gia stands out even among these, for being that kind of beauty that is very “tangible”, the kind of beautiful girl that you may actually happen upon in a bar: slim natural body, long dark hair, shining green eyes. The kind of beautiful girl that you may approach casually only to find yourself entangled with, a helpless of her mystic arts. And never leave.

Bare Maidens writes:

Our goal is to create the highest quality and immersive world with video, pictures, stories, maps and more.

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