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Altporn.net is a combo blog/portal covering the amorphous blob of a genre known as “altporn”, “alt.porn”, “alternaporn”, or “subculture erotica”, and everything related. I created this site in late 2003 to develop a useful, centralized source for fans of the altporn scene, and for those participating in it creatively.

From my first post:

Lately, the aesthetic(s) that I tend to find appealing have become a little more mainstream. There are more sites that cater to these tastes. And despite tendencies to reject anything enjoying mainstream popularity that are deep-rooted in my adolescence, this seems like A Good Thing to me.

Probably the coolest aspect of this is the DIY-vibe of many of these sites. They aren’t necessarily run by guys like the Colonel from Boogie Nights — many of them are run by men and women who want to express something less degrading and cynical than what the mainstream adult industry is producing.

So my interest here is to highlight some of the cool stuff coming out of this movement. While it will definitely be influenced by my personal tastes (I’m not much of one for, say, S&M), I intend to try and be fairly even-handed about things, and promote a cooperative, community vibe.

Altporn is perhaps an unfortunate moniker, because I try to include a lot of stuff that isn’t necessarily pornographic. Generally there is at least an element of eroticism present, but nudity or graphic sexuality are not requirements for inclusion.

If you are a site owner, model, event organizer, or other kind of creative type and you feel that something your working on should be covered here, please contact me with updates, requests, or other things you’d like to publicize.

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