BarelyEvil: Alecia Joy All Fired Up


Alecia Joy is ready to show off her skills in this fiery shoot for BarelyEvil while she dances and spins with her fire fans. And we get a double dose of her hot moves and sexy body, because she was shot in the light and in the dark.

I really like the way she looks in the light, because I can see all of her body so clearly while she dances, and with her fire fans in-hand, she looks delicious and irresistible against the cold metal setting. But, my favorite photos are of her in the dark, because of the stark contrast of the flames against the darkness makes it so much easier to get a feel of the motion of her fire fans are spinning wildly around her, and the flames seem to make her body glow.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Alecia Joy has all sorts of cool talents she has trained to express beautifully. And I love fire. So Forrest Black and I, of course, had to shoot Alecia with her fire fans. Some of our technique involved holding something over the smoke alarm ’cause we shoot guerrilla style like that. Punk rock. I appreciate Forrest and Alecia humoring my need for flames.
–Amelia G

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