RazorCandi: Demi-mondaine goth goddess


A few years ago I found a picture of this wonderful lady and I fell in love right away, she’s definitely on my most fuck-able persons alive list. Since then I noticed RazorCandi is a special one, she’s not just a perfect mix of goth, death-rock and punk, not just another hot chick, not just another alternative model. No! She is a fucking goddess, she is a work of art, every new set amazes me, how she finds inspiration in everything, and just how perfect she is. In this photo set RazorCandi is using her setting to create a dark and erotic piece of art. She has big silver hair, a very revealing one piece, a lovely neck corset that add elegance and mystery and some Victorian stockings, as well as high heels. RazorCandi also made a video, and sometimes I swear if it weren’t for those I’d think she’s not real. Check out the entire gallery, every picture and every move is a piece of dark erotic art!

Razor Candi writes:

Clearly inspired by the location which displays old fresco paintings dating back to the 17th century decorating the walls, my goal was to achieve a fusion of fetish meets Elizabethan fashion.

The term Demimond was often used as one of disapproval, referring to a group of people who live hedonistic lifestyles, usually in a flagrant and conspicuous manner. Such behaviors often included drinking or drug use, gambling, high spending (particularly in pursuit of fashion), and sexual promiscuity. The term demimondaine referred to a woman who embodied these qualities; later it became a euphemism for a courtesan or prostitute.

With history aside, I felt the name was pretty fitting for this set. I certainly hope you enjoy both the artistic expression as well as the sexual expression this set embodies. Don’t forget to drop by my video gallery to see the video shot for this set as well!

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