BarelyEvil: Malice McMunn is locked and loaded


Here is a flashback post, in honor of the recent AltStar Awards, co-hosted by Malice McMunn. Some of the SFW images from this series also ran on the cover and inside of AltStar Magazine #3 way back when.

Lets just list the way this new Barely Evil photoset is amazing shall we? Gorgeous tattooed woman stripping? Check. Bad Girl Schoolgirl outfit? Check. Tons and tons of guns? Check again.

Malice McMunn has emerged from a million post-apocalyptic fantasies to either save us from the hordes, or take everything we’ve got. Frankly I’d be okay with either.

Every now and then during the shoot Malice did put down a weapon long enough to shed another piece of clothing, letting the camera get a better look at her phenomenal and seriously inked body (my favorite piece of her artwork is the mean looking cockerel on her back, though there are a lot to choose from.)

Once she’s out of the schoolgirl get up and the red underwear Malice McMunn looks just as stunning wearing only a choker and a stern look. With a full arsenal by her side reminding you you’d do well not to piss her off. A membership in BarelyEvil gets you access to all the BlueBlood sites.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Forrest Black and I always love working with the amazing Malice McMunn. Kickass Malice is wearing her own schoolgirl skirt and boots and a T-shirt from the ones released to celebrate the publication of BLT 25

Barely Evil: Malice is locked and loaded

Barely Evil: Malice is locked and loaded

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