Almost Evil Girls: Eidolona – Lickable Latex


I’m absolutely balls-out nutty for this Eidolona person; she’s gorgeous in the extreme. I’ve checked out a few of her sets at Almost Evil Girls and I can’t get her spooky-scary-sexy pale eyes and perfect pierced lips, not to mention her slim white body. She’s at her very hottest in this bright-white set with a nice shiny tight latex dress just waiting to be peeled off of her, showcasing her drop-dead body at its most irresistible. And that single star tattoo just does it for me — planted there on her perfect side right where, if you ask me, this angel desperately needs a kiss. What’s more, the white background in this set floods your eyes with light, making Eidolona look even more esoteric. Without a doubt, she’s a beauty for the ages.

Almost Evil Girls Eidolona Lickable Latex
Almost Evil Girls writes:

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous gal with haunting big eyes and a killer body? Welcome Eidolona to Almost Evil Girls! Her first set is one she submitted herself taken by her roomate. We thought she’d be perfect for the site so we sent her to one of our staff photographers to get some hot and dirty photos just for you. Who says there’s nothing good in Canada? Not us thats for sure!

Almost Evil Girls Eidolona Lickable Latex

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