ZFilmz: First Timer Burbzz Picks Her Favorite Pleasure Playmate


This Zfilmz scene is one I quickly decided to count in my top favorite solo scenes because of how cute Burbzz is, and how much of a good time she shows us during this feature that happens to be her first time on cam.

I like the concept of this presentation a lot, because there’s a wall of toys behind Burbzz that looks cool and is actually a part of the action as she gets to pick three different toys and take them for a naughty ride while discovering the differences and benefits of each of their sizes and textures.

This makes for a lovely experience that we get to partake in alongside her, and in her experiments with the dildos we get to discover which one she feels more comfortable with based on her interactions and reactions to each of them, with the added bonus that she gets to take one lucky winner home, which is a nice addition to the scene.

There’s also a little bit of goodness that happens through her playtime, because this feature gave me crazy tingles with how soft her voice, her moans and even her heavy breathing are, so there’s definitely a bit of extra goodness during the naughty action for ASMR enthusiasts, which is always a nice bonus to have, particularly coming from such a lovely girl like Burbzz.

ZFilmz Writes:

Burbzz is our new member since 2021 DDZ summer fest and she loved to take her chance to show herself of and play with some of the toys from our Z-Filmz ToyWall

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