TheLifeErotic: Lilly Mays Getting Pumped 1 by Higinio Domingo


Sorting through laundry can be a daunting task, especially if there’s a lot of clothes to swift through. Luckily though, Lilly Mays doesn’t need to do too much folding since she only has one outfit that she’s working on and it’s all covered in latex so it’s easy enough to straighten before putting on. That and some nipple covers too.

TheLifeErotic know how to really put together a fantastic shoot from just a couple of pairs of clothes and a really good camera. The all-black look she has on is perfect for the setting and I do really like seeing how there’s also a match in the dildo that she’s using in some of these shots while she’s getting herself off.

Another fantastic shoot by TheLifeErotic – I really do love how they transform every single photoshoot!

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