Featured Photographer: Chad Michael Ward


I’m a digital artist, photographer and filmmaker residing in Los Angeles. CA. I’ve spent the last decade specializing in horror and fantasy art. In 2002 I started doing erotic photography and recently started directing.

Chad Michael Ward The Suicide - Chad Michael Ward

Who are some photographers you’ve found inspirational or influential?

Joel-Peter Witkin, David LaChapelle, Brad Miller

Who are some of your favorite models to work with?

Adrianne Anderson, Amanda Jilesse, Azrielle, Zoetica Ebb, Perish, Twink

The Operation - Chad Michael Ward

What equipment do you typically use?

Nikon D100, Mamiya 645s, Nikon 8008s

Favorite publications/sites?

Rue Morgue magazine, Juxtapoz, Hustler’s Taboo, BlueBlood.net

Where has your work been featured?

Rue Morgue, Skin Two, Aphrodesia, Spectrum, Gothic Beauty, Tattoo Savage, Carpe Noctem, Club International, Gallery, Pit, Dark Realms

[Ed: you can also see a boatload of Chad Michael Ward’s photography on Blueblood.com, officially launching on July 4th]

Disquiet - Chad Michael Ward

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