SpookyBlog: Luscious Strawberries with Luscious Sun Karma


SpookyBlog writes:

Sun Karma at GothicSluts.comYou may have spotted her on the newsstand this winter anywhere from Maxim’s Stuff Magazine to Hustler’s Taboo Magazine, but Sun Karma is true Blue Blood. This regal beauty has matched wits with Jenny Jones and Maury Povich and really shown what she is made of mentally. When she wanted to show what she is made of physically, she just had to shoot with Amelia G and Forrest Black for Blue Blood’s GothicSluts.com

The holiday season brings out the food lover here, so I know this is the second strawberry post this week, but Anastasia’s Scar13 post make me think of this. Don’t lovelies like Sun Karma and Scar 13 make you wish you were a sweet, lush, red strawberry, just bursting with juice.

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