BurningAngel: Sweet Kelsi Lynn Shows Off Her Colours

You may have seen paintings of oil on wood, but when you look at Kelsi Lynn taking off her suit, and showing off her tattoos while mesmerizing you with her sweet eyes, be prepared to meet a whole new dimension: ink on skin on wood.

It’s hard to decide where to lay your eyes: whether it’s on her body and skin that make such a great canvas, or if it’s on the marvellous colors that are brought to life by her sensual curves. Every time your gaze tries to find some rest, a new intriguing detail comes into view, keeping your eyes locked in a dance.

The clear light and the simplicity of the setting bring out all the beauty of this BurningAngel model, allowing you to almost feel it on your skin, like a fresh, colorful breeze.

Burning Angel writes:

I’m always down for some Kelsi Lynn up in my grill! Let’s peel off that black-and-leopard bodysuit, and admire that beautiful inked bod together!

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