EvilAngel: Ariela Donovan and Joss Lescaf the Masseur


This Evil Angel shoot begins with Ariela Donovan stripping down on top of a massage table until all that remains is a pair of high heels. I think she looks ready for a massage and thankfully she is soon joined by Joss Lescaf, who is here to show off his special touch.

This being an Evil Angel massage session of course means that things soon turn very naughty. Ariela Donovan looks so adorable while getting pounded right there on top of the massage table and I love how those blue high heels stay on the entire time to add a bit more color to the scenery. She has some very cool looking tats on her arms and they are shown off wonderfully every time she rubs her pussy.

The more I look at these shots, the more convinced I am that Joss Lescaf really does have a magical touch. It’s certainly great to see Ariela Donovan take a step into this naughty massage parlor and everyone can do the same by visiting Evil Angel’s website.

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