Sexy Surprises From A Playful EmilyTokes


There’s a great progression of naughty events going on in EmilyTokes’ room. They go from us getting to see her reaction to a very special surprise from one of her fans, to more steamy stuff like her showing her boobs up close in that bodysuit that fits her well with its sexy sheer construction.

Her clothes don’t stay on for long, however, and EmilyTokes does a hot and very playful tease where she disrobes completely, right after playing with her pussy, fingering herself through the panties.

This brings us to the most erotic moment so far, where EmilyTokes is now completely naked and teasing her pussy some more, this time with a vibrating wand, and that’s why I love the evolution of both her teases and activities during this show, because no matter how erotic she is being, it seems that her next treat is even more stimulating than the last.

EmilyTokes Writes:

HI :3 Im a smol Canadian whos been an MFC girl for 4 years as of January()
I have 3 cats (Wade,Mushu & Binx) whom I love very much ! whether were chatting, drinking, dancing, singing, masturbating or putting things in my butt were ALWAYS having a great time so get comfortable and lets have some fun together !

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