Chikita is making us crush on her all over again

I gotta say that there’s no natural body compared to Chikita’s. This time she puts on quite a show in a kitchen. This sexy girl wears a dress that lets us see a pink bra and her black panties and ends up naked pretty quickly. But first she finds a way to be sexier than ever by taking out her lotion and spreading it over her big boobs. That will instantly make you grab your screen. She smiles to us as she starts showing her shaved pussy and gives the best view of her body possible, but wait until you see her round ass. Chikita doesn’t hesitate in rubbing some more of the lotion on her bare natural curves, so we won’t take our eyes off that thick bubble butt. The unique session of this stunning red-haired hottie made me drool, but watching her spreading that lotion all over her pierced tits and navel made me want to get a nice handful of her rocking beautiful body.

Cosmid writes:

Time for a new photo set from one of my all time favorites and it is Chikita. This girl is just a blast… I think that you can tell from the photos that she is just having a lot of fun which makes us have a lot of fun too, and yes it was her idea to take out her lotion, but man what fun thoughts can we have with it. Enjoy.





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