Cosmid: Dylan’s Yellow Dress Featuring Dylan Voxe


A vision of a world of lust where Dylan Voxe aka Skylar Vox, makes her tight yellow dress, classy and sensual, vanish like magic, and in comes the sweet parade of teases that stop time, and she flaunts her ass and pussy from behind, from the front; every angle goes, and each presents its own exciting visual cuteness and lascivious energy.

It is a stroke of flawless Cosmid eroticism, and she sits naked on the floor, cupping her tits, and the elegance prevails, honeysweet, with tones of sultriness as her eyes shine with a seductive glint and her fingers reach in to touch her pussy, and the scene becomes even more alive with a new touch of lust as Dylan Voxe plays with her soft skin, letting us savor the whole thing, playful and irresistible, whispering secrets of pure desire and romance that conveys bliss like a sweet first kiss.

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