Cosmid: Jennifer’s Colorful Bikini Featuring Jennifer Light


Meeting a girl for the first time is a heartwarming thing, but meeting one who also takes off her clothes immediately after hello to show her sexy body is even better. Miles, lightyears better, and that is the fantasy that this Cosmid brings right away.

Jennifer Light takes off her denim overalls to leave herself covered by nothing other than a colorful bikini with bright yellow and orange bits that look like sherbet, and while I don’t know if it’s actually made of sherbet, I would definitely volunteer to lick it off her in the off chance that it is and it is as delicious as this photo set.

No licking’s needed, though, because she immediately begins taking the bikini off as well, and while I admire her beauty, thinking of clever things to say to her while she disrobes, I notice just how sensual, gorgeous and athletic Jennifer Light is.

Her body is like a masterpiece that was handcrafted by genius angel sculptors in heaven, and the way she adds a playful touch to the scene makes me adore the set even more, since it gives it lots of replay value as I feel constantly, blissfully, compelled to go back and admire every single bit of how good she looks both with her clothes on, and when she strips down to nothing but her sweet smile that also makes me sweat and my heart throb as if I had run a marathon.

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