Featured Model: Nikki Vega

I started modeling in 2001 while I was a dancer in San Francisco. I was approached by the guys that ran bondage.com at the club I worked at. I did three sets with them over the course of six months and the rest, as they say, is history. I was hooked on modeling immediately. During that time I started to branch out and meet other photographers and designers in the bay area. Not ones just in the fetish scene either. I always used to buy fashion magazines and stare at the photos for hours. I loved the lust, beauty and power that the photos portrayed.

Your portfolio shows a lot of diversity: fashion, rubber fetish, cheeky pinup, film noir, etc. Is it a conscious decision on your part?

My portfolio is diverse because there are so many things that I find fun and beautiful. There are many different sides to me and my modeling allows me to share and explore all those things. The only thing I want to do more of is shibari.

You’re also an actress, as well as a filmmaker. Tell us about your recent work. Is one of those your true passion?

Well, I am not really a filmmaker. It makes me laugh to be referred to as one though. I made one cheesy zombie film for the Miss HorrorFest contest. I don’t think that qualifies me as a filmmaker. I am a working actor in LA though. I love it! I love it even more than modeling. I am so lucky that I can pursue the passions in my life.

Recently I was on an episode of My Name is Earl. I played Randy’s goth girlfriend. I also just shot a music video for 69 Eyes that is not out yet. If it weren’t for music videos I would starve.

Favorite photographers?

Oh, this is a hard one. There are so many people whose work I adore and I hate leaving people out. There is my husband, Jonathan Wilkins, Kevin Hundsnurcher, Shannon Brooke, that I love working with. Then there are my favorites that I would love to work with Marla Rutherford, Peter Czernich and Mario Testino spring to mind.

Favorite fellow models?

I could name everyone I know. There are so many beautiful and talented ladies in this field and I was fortunate to get some advice from most of them early on. Darenzia is a doll, Storm is just hot, Pia Kaamos is a dear friend, Kumi is fun to be with and Joelle Hand just knocks my socks off. Can you tell who I have a crush on?

Favorite publications/sites?

My favorite publications are the ones I am in at the moment. *giggles* No, I really love Marquis, I think they have great coverage all over Europe and the States. Secret Magazine features some really beautiful and sexy work as well. Sexylatex.net is a great new blog and Fleshbot has always been a favorite of mine.

Where has your work been featured?

I really need to work on getting published more, but my fetish modeling has taken a backseat since I started aggressively pursuing acting as my career. I have been in Marquis, Secret, Skin and Ink, the West Coast Choppers Calendar, Punk Rock Confidential and I have been on numerous websites.

Contact Info

I can be contacted via email nikki@nikkivega.com or at my myspace page.

You can see my work at my site NikkiVega.com and my model mayhem portfolio.

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