The Older I Get, The Better I Fuck

Happy July 4th to all our readers in the USA! We’ve already celebrated a bit at AP HQ by blowing up some shit, but on the other side of the country our pals at BlueBlood are officially pulling the wraps off of, their new supersite combining all the content of,, and, plus some exclusives like their unique couples section and selections from the BlueBlood archives.

To make for an extra-special site launch, BlueBlood has a one-two punch of death-rockin’ hottness. The first set originally appeared 13 years ago in Blue Blood #2 (ya know, the print zine… back when things were “printed” on “paper”) featuring Cindy B. and her then-gf Krista.

Cindy B. and Krista on

And what better way to follow-up than by showing off the new and improved Cindy B.? Better, faster, stronger!

Cindy B. on

Congratulations to our friends at BlueBlood!

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