TheLifeErotic: Usha Pillow Ride by Tora Ness


An offering of pleasure, of self-indulgence. That sensation of giving in to temptation, the warmth of it coming and then releasing as everything starts, past that sneaky point of no return, and the realm of the fresh with possibilities for pleasure comes alive in a sudden wave of enlightenment.

Usha comes into my field of view with her toys, and lube (because lube is very important, boys and girls); and she takes things a more “softcore” route at first, just teasing her pussy for a while before letting her toy go fully inside her.

Once this initial seduction ritual ends, I feel myself surrendering on a deeper level to my TheLifeErotic craving as Usha takes a kinkier route and appears with her ankles tied to the bed and with a ball gag in her mouth while she stretches her tight pussy with a shiny textured dildo that’s strapped to her pillow.

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