TheLifeErotic: Usha Faster is Better 1 by Tora Ness


Plastic wrap can be used many ways – to wrap up food, to keep some items contained for a period of time, maybe fix a drafty window, or in the case of TheLifeErotic, wrap Usha up so much that she needs to break herself out of it by using her fingers and teeth in this gorgeous photoshoot.

Something I appreciate about it aside from the pretty lighting is how her milky skin comes into view and with it, the many inked items that are on her body and showcase a lot of her personality. Something that also very much tickles my fancy are nice close-up shots and this photoshoot has plenty of them – from fingering and body shots, to whole teases and a focus on her pretty face.

TheLifeErotic have done another exceptional job with this photoshoot!

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