FTVGirls: Nala Gym Supersets


It’s time to head to the gym! It can be hard to find the motivation, but seeing a topless Nala working out at the gym as part of a FTVGirls shoot is just the motivation I need.

The gorgeous redhead starts her workout routine off by getting topless and lifting some weights, right before getting on a treadmill. She makes all of this exercise seem effortless as she smiles at the camera and looks hot as hell on these gorgeous shots. Looks like nobody else is around to interrupt her either, which means she can get even naughtier and take off her panties to flash that perky booty of hers!

It has been all too long since I last visited a gym, but at least I know my eyes are getting a good workout as they bounce around looking at the gorgeous Nala flexing her body in this FTVGirls set!

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