TheLifeErotic: Jacinta B & Leocadia Discipline photographed by Angela Linin


Jacinta B and Leocadia are both the stars of this TheLifeErotic gallery as they pose together on some white bed sheets. Jacinta B seems to be holding some rope between her hands and it looks like she knows exactly what to do with it as the shoot takes a kinky turn.

Leocadia is soon getting tied up with various colorful ropes as her naked body twists into some very flexible and sexy poses. I love how dominant Jacinta B looks as Leocadia lies all tied up in front of her and the two make a perfectly kinky pair.

Bondage is always exciting to see if you ask me, especially when it stars two models as beautiful as Jacinta B and Leocadia. The full gallery contains lots of exciting shots that show off some impressive rope skills and they can all be seen over at TheLifeErotic.

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