Cubbixoxo Shows You Her Cookies


Cubbixoxo is baking topless tonight. I don’t know how to make cookies where they are three different colors merged because I just tuned in to see her outlining the sections in sweet gooey chocolate with an icing cone. I wish I tuned in earlier. This spooky month night it is free to register an account, so you to can get schooled in the art of dessert creation. I want to make a whole bunch of puns about cookies and dessert and sweet things and great boobs with pierced nipples, but Cubbixoxo is so very very very good at puns that I feel like the only thing to do is just tune in again tomorrow and see how punny she is. One cool feature, when you have an account, is that you can set the site to notify you when your friends are online. So you don’t miss topless baking of Halloween cookies.

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