BodyInMind: Unwrapping Librarian Tanya Bahtina


Tanya Bahtina’s outfit tells us one very important thing on this BodyInMind set: she wants to be noticed, and how could she not be? All it takes is glancing at her while she is browsing the books, carefully choosing one as she pushes her ass back in a tempting and surreptitious display and she can be certain that she’s got our attention. It is so captivating that, if the books had eyes, they’d be glued to her too, surveying her slowly, as if they were reading lines of invisible text written all over her body.

She then invites us to watch her some more, and we can plainly see that one of the buttons on her blouse has come undone, either prompted by Tanya Bahtina herself, or because it was unable to keep her big tits contained any longer. Whatever the case, our eyes can be glad that this event happened, because we get to enjoy the view some more while she reads her book, acting like she’s unaware of our eyes upon her, but somehow capitalizing fully on our hungry gaze.

Tanya Bahtina knows our eyes are glued to her, and since there’s no-one else around, she decides to give us an unforgettable experience in the quiet library, so she starts undressing before our eyes. At this point, we may have already forgotten why we came in here in the first place, but it sure was a struck of luck that we did, since we wouldn’t be enjoying such a wonderfully erotic gift from this seductive stranger otherwise.

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