NothingButCurves: Sunny Lodge


Once you are on the road – not just a simple drive, more like taking the road for the purpose of taking the road – you never know where the road will take you. Any curve could hide a marvel, a new landscape, a memory, and so it is with women. The curves of beautiful Galda Lou in this sun filled set brought me to memories of my younger years.

I don’t know where the photos were taken (she is British, but this hardly looks like anything near Leicester), but the Mediterranean feel is strong, and this could easily be the inner courtyard of an Italian country villa, just like the ones I used to play in as a teenager. The main difference being that hot curvy naked tattoo women were there only in my fantasies.

NBC writes:

We’ve got something to satisfy your bbw cravings. Imagine taking a bite of Galda Lou’s big breasts and thighs and just try not to drool!

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