Zishy: Gabbie Carter Takes A Bath With Her Beauty Mask


Beauty procedures can be very important and thanks to Zishy, I get a good look at Gabbie Carter’s as she uses her charcoal body mask right before a relaxing bath.

Of course, the babe looks so gorgeous that she doesn’t need help from any beauty product, but I do love seeing how much fun she is having putting the face mask on. Even her titties get covered in it as the babe climbs into a bath. The water slowly turns black just like her mask while slowly peeling off her face and body and I adore how her naked body can be seen poking out of the blackened up water. It’s like a beautiful mermaid emerging from the darkness!

Gabbie Carter’s beauty procedure looks very successful (not to mention fun) and I am very happy that Zishy is giving this chance to see it all in a gallery with 35 beautiful shots.

Zishy: Gabbie Carter Takes A Bath With Her Beauty Mask

Zishy writes:

Gabbie is always fun to be around. That is why I purchased rubber molds of some of her famous body parts, just to remind me of her awesome personality. We had some creative fun with a charcoal beauty mask and bath bomb. Hold on to your hats.

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