BarelyEvil: Lydia Black rocks her piggy custom plug


BarelyEvil shot an amazing series with the lovely Lydia Black and I am telling you, I cannot get enough of this girl.

I chose to write about this photo shoot in particular because there is something simple, yet so fascinating about it, and every single picture is so damn gorgeous, I wanna hang it all over my walls.

The pale skinned beauty is wearing nothing but fishnets and her cute pink ears, you know, the essentials, and all the black and grey make such a beautiful contrast with that milky skin. She has her custom piggy anal plug on and those closeups are so deliciously beautiful, and that ass should have an altar worshipping it. I especially love the cage shots, and the ones where she spreads those legs up revealing her pink rose pussy.

This is definitely a win shot and if you didn’t know Lydia Black until now, get ready to fall madly deeply in love!

BarelyEvil writes:

I love this series we got to shoot with Lydia Black (no relation, I think.) She really wanted to shoot some stuff with her cool nasal restraint headgear and brought her own custom spiral Pyrex piggy-tail plug too, so we thought we’d have some fun letting her break out of her pen. Lydia is great to work with so we were super happy to bring her back to help us shoot some beautiful stuff for our LashyDoodle magnetic lashes Kickstarter project. Enjoy!

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