FTVMILFs: Maria Enjoys The Day


Maria is a sexy redhead taking a swim in a pool in this FTVMILFs shoot. She’s all smiles from the very first shot which already makes for a pretty joyful set of pictures. It’s a kinky type of joy too, since the vixen is completely naked in most of the shots, posing in a chair inside the water or crawling on all fours in other shots.

My personal favorites are her pussy spread in the water while her grin is wide – it’s both very cute and sexy at the same time. The shots of her getting wet in more ways than one are exceptionally good – and her facial expressions scream ecstasy in all of them.

There’s a lot of cucumber fun in the sun with Maria in the last few frames of this FTVMILFs shoot – and I’m getting hungrier watching it!

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