Brazzers: Dangerous Red Magicians


Attempting any kind of magical ritual without thorough knowledge of the topic is not a smart thing. At best, nothing will happen, at worse something will. And by the looks of the pentacle this witch trio (led by very very very very sexy and spooky Leda Bear), their knowledge is anything but thorough. They are trying to summon a lifetime of good sex, but rather than your stereotypical hot demon they end up summoning a pretty concerned Mick Blue who tries to get them out of the garage they sneaked into.

But, as I said, something always happens: they wanted good sex, and they end up getting it anyway.

Mick Blue, Leda Bear

Sexy goth Leda Bear and her friends are performing a dark ritual in her garage. It involves a lot of chanting and loud metal music that compels annoyed neighbor Mick Blue to come into the garage and tell them to cut it out. The The girls first try to scare Mick Blue off, but their tunes change when they realize the last ingredient needed for their ritual is some cum from a giant cock. Leda takes charge in seducing Mick; they fuck while Leda’s friends complete the ritual.

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