DivineBitches: Leigh Raven’s Lesson


Extreme porn can be very cathartic. It can take the structured shit we have been taught by society and shatter it to pieces, forcing us to face our darkest desires and accept the fact that we are nothing like society wants us to be.

When the character Lance Hart plays in Leigh Raven’s Lesson got in the strip club, he probably did so like an average middle class (married!) guy with very straight ideas in his mind. But it takes just one rude move to have Hell rain down on him in the sinuous form of Leigh Raven. Slender, heavily tattooed, with shaven head and forked tongue, Leigh Raven is the embodiment of a dominating, sexually free goddess. She is a Succubus, a Daemonette. She is a fragment of Lilith’s own essence.

It doesn’t take long to Lance to yield and accept to do whatever she wants. And what could such a she-devil want if not turning this average Joe upside down? He worships her, he gets tortured, he gets a big dildo in the ass and gets fucked until his own preconceptions about what he thinks he should find pleasurable are torn to pieces, and then he is brought back.

Evil Angel writes:

Used and Abused, Leigh Raven Punishes Lance Hart

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