Kickstarter: Book of Paintings of Compelling Alt Girls


I’m always fascinated by the possibilities that modern technologies offer to contemporary artists. While once art was reserved to the elites, both in terms of production and use, it is now accessible to all – on one side allowing also non-masters on the stage, but on the other side allowing those with the skill and talent to express themselves without the strict limitation of the rich guy of the time, and to grow your own niche of public that resonates with your tastes.

Vaughn Belak is – in this respect – a son of our times: a talented artist that, half a century ago would have had to settle for commissions or take another road entirely, and that now – instead – is allowed to show us his creativity and skill. The dark, gothic themes are brought forward with an effective use of black and colours, mixing media with no regard to academy but only to his personal twist on fairy tales and pop imagery. To be published by BlueBlood, this is a kickstarter that has the content and timing to make it under this year’s Christmas Tree.

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