EroticFandom: Darenzia and Scar Spiderweb Black Armour


How cool is this? Two hot girls in armor? Black armor with spider webs on it, also swords, and blue hair and makeup. The two beauties Darenzia and Scar are looking dangerously hot in their armours, and Scar did a really nice job on their makeup. They take sexy poses, some alone, most of them together, and they look really hot when Darenzia overtakes Scar with her sword, don’t worry there’s closeups as well. The whole photo set is very arousing and exciting, it has some funny parts as well, and as I mentioned a few closeups that you are really going to like, make sure you do check the whole set!

Scar 13 and Darenzia Spiderweb Armor
Erotic Fandom writes:

Black armor with spiderwebs. Darenzia and Scar with matching blue hair and makeup. Makeup by Scar. Armor by Tony Swatton. Swords. Also, armor with spiderwebs. Yeah, I said “black armor with spiderwebs: twice; I like black armor with spiderwebs. Revelers at the Folsom Street Fair got to see a few shots from this series, but, as always, Blue Blood VIP members get to see it all.

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