CosplayErotica: Leyla looks (un)deadly hot as Alisa Southerncross


I always thought girls who do cosplays are freaking hot, and with all these trends nowadays it is refreshing to see some cosplayers out there who are in it for the fun and love for the characters they are cosplaying, and when it’s someone as cute and sexy as Leyla cosplaying a character like Alisa Southerncross, wow!
The sexy character portrayed by Leyla is from the manga and anime Keroro Gunso and if you think she looks beautiful dressed as such great character, wait until you see the video. Yes, besides the sexy pictures there is also a video, so it will be like seeing a live-action Alisa Southerncross, portrayed by the beautiful Leyla who likes to stay in character as well as touching her perfect pussy and hard nipples. Check out the whole gallery and video on CosplayErotica.

CosplayErotica writes:

Leyla cosplaying the Undead Toy Doll

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