RazorCandi: Razor Candi Gets Naughty At Work


Okay so who hasn’t thought about going into the bathroom and work and having a little x-rated fun? Er, hang on, maybe I don’t want the answer to that. But, today Razor Candi has done it. She slipped into the bathroom and work to have a little playtime, and she brought her phone along so we could have some fun, too!

This is actually my first time seeing Razor Candi and, ohmygoodness, this Romanian beauty is gorgeous. Covered in tattoos and piercings, she’s got this absolutely stunning blue hair that I would consider killing for. And can we just talk about that belly tattoo? So freakin’ cute! Razor Candi describes this as “A hot one!” and she hits the nail right on the head with it. I sure wish I had walked in on her in action!

Razor Candi writes:

Oh gee, oh my! Voyeurs beware, this is a hot one! I totally went there and got a little naughty with my phone while I was at work 😉 Can’t help but admit that there is something very exhilarating and kinky about getting naked in your very own place of work. I hope you enjoy watching me strip down and flaunt all my naughty parts for your enjoyment!


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