Zishy: Vonnie Bean Shoppy Beans


Shopping may be exhausting to some and even more busy to deal with during the holidays, but I do like Zishy‘s take on the more chilled out spree. Though I suppose when the idea is to show off an outfit and maybe some close-ups of naughtier activities, then it’s not quite as stress inducing as it usually would be.

Vonnie Bean is looking rather lovely in this leopard-print dress that is practically the main decoration and focus on each of these shots. What I do raelly love is seeing the way the frames are taken, from the cool close-ups, the long shots and the little details in between that really do make up quite the lovely set.

Zishy know how to do a lovely photoshoot as always!

This remarkable woman is back to grace us with a new hair color. I just can’t get over how photogenic Vonnie Bean’s face is. I bet she could have won a few beauty pageants when she was growing up. I was also an adorable child. I worked the pageant circuit for a few seasons, but then I fell in love with Captain Crunch and those cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster. Extra pounds came on quick. Eventually, Mommy said my ass was too flabby for the little sailor outfit she made me. It broke my heart, but hey, beauty isn’t everything. Anyways, enjoy Vonnie.

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