BadMax: Masuimi Max Wet Red Latex Stockings


Masuimi Max has changed the name of her membership web site to BadMax and you can find her cosmetics web site at IAmSin. Her makeup site features a lot of I Am Sin branded supplies for attempting to replicate Masuimi Max‘s inspirational looks. Masuimi Max is such a style icon. Even in something as simple as a shoot in a sumptuous hotel jetted jacuzzi bathtub in red latex stockings, Masuimi Max just exudes so much style, charisma, and hotness. She says that the hotel thought the bath jets were not working, but she has photographic evidence that they were. I love the artistry of the water captured mid-air by photographer Morat’s camera.

Bad Max: Masuimi Max Wet Red Latex Stockings
Masuimi Max writes:

photos: Morat
latex stockings: Westward Bound
makeup: I Am Sin

This was shot earlier today! When I turned the jet streams on, they shot straight up into the air.. it was perfect! We told the guy at the front desk of the hotel, and he said that the jet streams were not working. We have evidence that they were! 😉

Bad Max: Masuimi Max Wet Red Latex Stockings

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