Zishy: Vonnie Bean Couchy Beans


This is a majestic Zishy set that brings us closer to the adorable Vonnie Bean in an indoor setting with a comfy atmosphere that isn’t just lovely, but it also sets a nice stage for the sensuality to come.

I love the lingerie Vonnie Bean wears. It is cream-colored and it blends well with the smoothness of her skin, at times even making it seem like her naked body is covered only by subtle lace flowers, and as I admire the beauty of her posing on the couch, it feels like my perception opens wide, and I start noticing more details about this beautiful woman.

One of this things I discover is how, when she is on the couch looking back at us and her legs are spread a little apart, the tightness of her lingerie falls over her pussy and it reveals just a hint of her labia, which is a fantastic view that shifts the set between the cute and the seductive parts and takes us from close ups of her tits and how she plays with the piercings that are basically a small golden rod that goes through their supple puffiness, to a magical moment where the setting changes in the blink of an eye, and we find ourselves in a bath with bubbles, now admiring a sweet, wet and very naked Vonnie Bean.

Zishy Writes:

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. Here’s a supplemental set of Vonnie to yesterday’s update. You’ll get one last visit from her before my time is done. Now go get that gravy.

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