RazorCandi: Slumber Party Fun


You know how everyone tries to debunk that slumber parties are sexy? “That’s not what girls do! There’s nothing sexy about slumber parties!” Yeah, well tell that to Razor Candi and her friend Otilia who delight us with a very sexy photoshoot entitled –you guessed it– Slumber Party.

Full of color, booty shorts, curves and candy we get twice as many tits, ass and nakedness! What more could you ask for? Otilia is even sporting the cutesy pigtails which make her seem innocent and naughty, while Razor dons funky striped socks and does things we can only dream about to a lollipop. If you’re in need of an overload of booty, long legs, delicious breasts and pussy, this is just what you need.

But this shoot also has another fun fact going for it. While we do get to see these two gorgeous ladies playing with each other, we also get some individual shoots for each of them, so if you want to see more of Otilia or Razor just keep going through the images and you’ll get some one on one time with them. What’s better than two hot babes for one?

RazorCandi: Slumber Party Fun
Razor Candi writes:

It’s been over a year since I’ve shot with my sexy friend Otilia. We decided to throw a slumber party and there was more than just popcorn, wine, and lollypops involved 😉 Though lately I’ve been wearing just a bit more color I thought I’d go all out and shoot a super colorful set to match the colorful atmosphere!! I thought I’d also include her solo images along with mine to warm things up a bit before moving onto the really hot stuff!! Enjoy!

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