GodsGirls: Cattie Has Us In Stitches


Purple hair? Check! Playful onesie? Check! Amazing tits and fun disposition? Check and check! In this set inspired by everyone’s favourite alien Stitch, Cattie from GodsGirls shows what it’s like to be a nerdy and naughty model in the alt world. Shot entirely in her bedroom and a DIY set, Cattie has some giggles while baring her fantastic ass out of her Stitch onesie, laughing into the camera with a devilish look on her face.

Of course, the onesie eventually comes off and we catch glimpses of her gorgeous pussy while she poses with the now discarded costume. Although it’s not Halloween anymore, this is a pretty fun set from GodsGirls and Cattie does a fantastic job at keeping us entertained and turned on with her antics. The illumination for the shoot is very natural and her body glistens in the sunshine, each curve perfectly accentuated.

If you enjoy geeky, fun-loving hot babes, take a stroll down to GodsGirls and show Cattie some love, this set definitely deserves it. And we’re not only saying that because her nipples are heavenly, honest!

GodsGirls writes:

About Me
I’m pretty sure a lot of what I would tell you is answered in the rest of this. But anything you might wanna know, just ask!
Why Im a GodsGirl
I have a few reasons: #1 of course being that I enjoy being nude and in front of a camera! But wait, it’s so much more than that too! In today’s society, feeling comfortable in your own skin is a lot rarer than it should be. I want to be a part of body positive community, and this is definitely the place I feel is for just that! I enjoy that you can become acquainted with the girls and members alike and don’t have to be tied down to a contract at that. I also really enjoy that we have control of what we do. We get creative play and that’s something I always need to have!
Bedtime attire
Mostly nude. Sometimes sweats and a tank if it’s chilly.

GodsGirls: Cattie Has Us In Stitches

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