Blue Blood Punk Humor Zine BLT Kickstarter Update


The Blue Blood crew has been making a lot of noise about their new BLT Punk Zine or Black Leather Times) Omibus Kickstarter and I just got notified that they released a new batch of cool t-shirt designs an additional reward goals. I have to admit I am a fan of obnoxious t-shirts and I think these would fit my collection. The BLT Zine Omnibus book looks like a good read too. I’d love the see what the originals of Blue Blood magazine were like.

I’m actually surprised at how little successful crowd funding comes out of the AltPorn genre. It seems like such a perfect fit, but besides this and the previously successful California Deathrock Portraits book, also from Blue Blood, I really have not seen much done with this ‘new ecconomy’ tool. Maybe it’s the restrictions on adult, as I see that neither of these project are what I would expect from people I know mostly for making amazing AltPorn either.

Blue Blood writes:

apn-bltLet’s do a BLT book! And T-shirts!
Punk humor zine Black Leather Times needs your help celebrating turning 25 this Halloween. That is a quarter century of bringing the sociably antisocial funny to science fiction conventions, goth industrial nightclubs, and punk rock group houses.


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