BurningAngel: Joanna Angel Hot for Teacher


Everyone had that one teacher that they thought was attractive in school (at least during those teen years when standards were low). The gorgeous Joanna Angel takes that to a new level as she puts on the most entertaining and informative sex Ed class in the history of the world. See Joanna show of her sexy tattooed body as she sucks and fucks the very lucky principle for all of us Burning Angel fans to see. Joanna Angel‘s cute little tits on display as she shows all the girls how to suck dick and then laying back and letting all the boys see how a badass girl like her likes to get fucked.

BurningAngel: Joanna Teaches Us All
Burning Angel writes:

I had a very unique way of teaching sex education that actually involved, you know… having sex? Call me old-fashioned, but that’s how I felt! Principal Danny Mountain didn’t agree with my methods – but after showing him my reproductive organs, he had a change of heart. I am totally persuasive with the academia, especially when they are pounding me from behind!

BurningAngel: Joanna Teaches Us All

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