EroticFandom: Nerd Fantasy Cutie Pandora Von Kit


Hot little tattooed cutie Pandora Von Kit appears in this sexy nerd fantasy set, wearing just her neat looking black sequined ballet shoes as she poses with a gigantic D12 tabletop gaming dice (die?) I really like when she’s smiling at the camera while ‘on point’ balancing on those little toes of hers. This Pandora Von Kit series has a very dorky wet-dream quality and there are some really sexy shots of Pandora playing around on the D12 like a super sexy little redheaded fairy girl. I think I’m in love with her cute little round ass too.

EroticFandom: Nerd Fantasy Pandora Von Kit
Erotic Fandom writes:

I’d like to introduce you all to hot-bodied newcomer Pandora Von Kit. As soon as I saw giant dice, I knew I had to shoot someone on one, but I waited to find the right girl. Pandora is the right girl. Forrest Black and I also shot her showing off all sorts of special talents she has, from ballet poses to fire performance. Lots of hotness coming in the New Year!
–Amelia G

EroticFandom: Nerd Fantasy Pandora Von Kit

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