BurningAngel: Camo Can Not Hide Sexy Joanna Angel


There is no type of camouflage on this planet that could make the always-sexy Joanna Angel blend in with the world around her. Even though these little shorts aren’t helping her blend in they are looking pretty good on her and even better once she peels them off and plays with her tight pussy. I am not sure if it is her inviting smile, perky tits, or her gorgeous round ass and pink pussy but Joanna has always been one of my personal favorites. It doesn’t hurt that she isn’t shy about spreading her legs and putting on a good show for the BurningAngel fans as she spreads not only her legs but also her pussy lips as she makes herself cum.

BurningAngel Camo Can Not Hide Sexy Joanna Angel
Burning Angel writes:

Do you like my camouflage booty shorts? I’m not really trying to blend in, but they look awesome on my ass! And off my ass. That too. I would be terrible at hiding out with camo – people would always find me because I’d be masturbating after getting turned on from how sexy I look. Oops!

BurningAngel Camo Can Not Hide Sexy Joanna Angel

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