Burning Angel: Come See Kleio Valentien’s Dojo


Having never been into karate I always assumed that ninjas spent all day training but the beautiful Kleio Valentien proves that there is more to being a ninja than training and being a super bad ass. She shows all the Burning Angel fans that her day is filled with stripping down and posing getting herself all worked up before sliding a finger deep inside her personal dojo, the whole time showing off her perky tits and her cute smile. She looks great in and out of her black outfit but I can’t help but wonder what she does with her wooden katana when no one is looking, or more likely when everyone is looking.

Burning Angel Come See Kleio Valentien’s Dojo
Burning Angel writes:

Ninja Kleio Valentien is going to train your weak ass into shape! Enjoy watching her flexy her sexual muscles and show off her kung fu titties and her lotus pussy! You better be careful, she’s dangerous! Hiiya!

Burning Angel: Come See Kleio Valentien’s Dojo

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