GodsGirls: Elle is Fucking Out of This World


Elle is a cosmic go-go girl in her GodsGirls update. With purple hair, black corset top, and celestial pants, this woman’s hotness is out of this world. Yes, that’s lame, but she’s quite beguiling, right? I love the pants, they make me want to explore her galaxy. Elle’s got a great sparkly nose ring and it works really well with her hair, she looks like she could be in a modern Sailor Moon show. But the thing I noticed most about this set was her boobs, those things are tight and ready for action!Fucking fantastic tits and nipples, if I do say so myself. If you’re a foot person, Elle has several cute shots featuring her feet. This image set has a fairly simple setup, which all the action taking place on a bed, but its a good one to showcase Elle, and anyone who loves mathematics can appreciate Elle’s pussy on a formula-covered pillow. And you thought you’d never use see those formulas again in your adult life! The blue background goes well with Elle’s hair, and this set features several great closesups of Elle’s cunt plus her breasts, stomach and ass. What up, Elle, you celestial goddess, you? You got all me all spacey.

GodsGirls: Elle is Fucking Out of This World
GodsGirls writes:

Why Im a GodsGirl
Express myself through photography, oh and I am a naughty one.

Superhero Power
I wish I was an observer from Fringe D:

GodsGirls: Elle is Fucking Out of This World

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