MermaidMiley Surrenders To Sweet Pleasure


I love the eroticism MermaidMiley displays on her stream. I also like that it has a Zen component to it, given that one of the philosophies is to let go of worry, of control. This is the hardest part at times, and MermaidMiley gives us a great example of how it’s done while involving a lot of pleasure in her demonstration.

Her naughty comments are on point during her playtime, and I love how she casually throws in the word “daddy” in the middle of her moans and pussy play, while comments like “I feel so good!” or “I deserve this!” decorate the moment and make it extra erotic.

Keep in mind that, during this particular section of her show, her vibes are temporarily controlled remotely, and while I hear MermaidMiley moaning while she quivers, I realize that maybe that Zen concept isn’t just about giving up control, but also about taking control whenever it counts most, like on this case, where MermaidMiley ends up being so satisfied that she says “No! I didn’t want it to stop!” with a smile on her face as the vibes dissipate for a spell, right before the next round begins.

MermaidMiley Writes:
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