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We are all obsessing about the 2012 AltPorn Awards here, but I wanted to post this BTS video of APN’s 2011 Best Alternative Erotica Photographer winners doing photo shoots. Amelia G and Forrest Black will be familiar to APN readers for their work with Blue Blood and its various sites. For this project, they are working on a book of gothic punk portraiture of people in the California deathrock scene over the past decade or so. Because Amelia G and Forrest Black are doing the project on Kickstarter, I can see that they have reached the successful fully-funded stage where the book is definitely going to be published. I’m planning on backing this Kickstarter project myself because I want a signed copy of the book with my name and thanks in the book. The way Kickstarter works, I can pledge any time before June 7 and then I only get the charge from Amazon at the end of the pledge drive. I am really looking forward to seeing this book. I like that they don’t just shoot naked people and when they do shoot, they don’t just dress people up to look ‘punk’ for the camera.

Hollywood, CA May 2012 – California Deathrock Book Kickstarter

Kickstarter crowdfunding just succeeded for a book of deathrock subculture
photography by Amelia G and Forrest Black. Best known for their work with
Blue Blood, the photography of Amelia G and Forrest Black has also been
published by Rolling Stone, Playboy, Tattoo Savage, Picture, MTV, Orkus,
New Grave, Permission, Alternative Press, Meltdown, Ghastly, Sonic Seducer,
and many others.

For more than a decade, Amelia G and Forrest Black’s personal work has been
documenting various subcultures. Amelia G says the West Coast deathrock
scene has been one of their favorite subcultures to shoot. Publishing a
fifteen year retrospective of deathrock imagery would definitely be a labor
of love, so the subculture documentarians appealed to their friends and
readers to back a Kickstarter project to put the book out.

As of today, the Kickstarter is successful, with the project 110% funded
and 11 days to go in the pledge drive. Amelia G says she is “super happy
and more than a little relieved” that the Kickstarter has succeeded and
additional funding pledges between now and June 7 will go to more pages and
wider bookstore distribution. Connoisseurs of deathrock and art photography
can continue to pledge via Kickstarter up until June 7 at 5pm Pacific.
Backers who pre-order the book will be thanked in print inside it.


California Deathrock Book Kickstarter:

What is Kickstarter?

YouTube of California Deathrock Video for Embedding Ease

Special thanks to Death Guild and Release the Bats where some of this video
was shot. Much love to Margo, Satoki, Thee Gabe, Domiana, Kat, Thistle
(RIP), Talia, Christian, Jenn Bats, Dave Bats, Shane Taleda, Matt Riser,
Eva O, and everyone else in the contact sheets and photos and video


“The refreshingly fascinating photography of Amelia G and Forrest Black
successfully captures the alluring mystique of the members of our society’s
underground sub-cultures, and presents these often-misunderstood
individuals in a sexy, provocative, and yet approachable way.” –Linda “FC”
Fletch, Editor, Tattoo Savage magazine

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