BurningAngel: Monumental Fuck Holly D


Holly D manages to get down and dirty while sightseeing in Paris with James Deen. I have no idea what historical monument this would be but it does look like a lovely spot for some kinky public sex. This isn’t the longest set and there isn’t a huge variety in sexual positions but there are a lot of good penetration shots and some hot blow job shots as well. There are even a couple fun candid looking shots where you can see Joanna Angel filming the sexy couple. And in case you are wondering the video is wicked hot! It’s really great to see people be so sexually daring and Holly and James are both a lot of fun to watch.

BurningAngel: Monumental Fuck Holly D
Burning Angel writes:

When going sight-seeing, there are some very important things to remember. Bring your camera. Bring some water. Be respectful. And if you’re Holly D, honor monuments by fucking on them. It’s her way of showing appreciation for history. I think that’s pretty nice!

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